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Marshall Acoustic Amp AS100D Soloist

13,900,000 VND

An Acoustic Guitar Amp by Marshall !

Yep, you read that headline right. The Marshall AS100D acoustic amplifier was made to let acoustic players rock out at any coffee house or on any stage. You get four channels, two for guitar, one for vocals, and one auxiliary input for your MP3 player or drum machine. Built-in digital effects, an effects loop, anti-feedback control, and more give you all the tricks you need to pull off any gig. This little Marshall pumps out 100 watts into 2 x 8″ speakers and a tweeter. The AS100D also sports a 1/4″ line out and XLR DI out so you can go to the mixing board or recorder at any time. If you rock out with Marshall when you play electric, why not rock out with them when you go acoustic? Get the Marshall AS100D acoustic amp and hit the coffee houses today!

Marshall AS100D Acoustic Amplifier Combo Features:

– Four-channel acoustic amp

– 100 watts of power push 2 x 8″ speakers and a tweeter

– Line out and DI out for going to a mixer or recorder

– Built-in chorus and reverb

– Effects loop for adding your favorite effects pedals or processors

Model AS100D  ( made in China )
Range Acoustic
Technology Solid State
Wattage 50w + 50w
Channels 4 + AUX ( for MP3 Player ) & XLR ( for microphone )
Effects 16 / Reverb, Chorus, Delay, Modulations
Effects Loop Yes
Anti Feedback Yes
Inputs 3 + AUX ( 2 XLR for microphone )
Outputs Stereo D.I Out, Stereo Line Out
Controls Master Volume
Channel 1: Vol, Gain, Phase, Bass, Mid, Mid Frequency, Treble
Channel 2 : Vol, Bass, Treble
Channel 3 : Vol, Phase, Fantom, Bass, Treble, Int FX, Ext FX
Channel 4 : Vol
Stereo FX : Program, Adjust, Level
Anti Feedback Frequency : on/off, Depth, Sweep 1, Sweep 2
Footswitch included
Speakers Size : 2 x 8″ + 2 x TWEETERS ( 4 speakers )
Output power : 100w total
Name : Celestion
Impedance : 4 Ohm
Dimensions 630 x 530 x 270mm
Weight 21kg

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